Why do some people add motorbike spotlights led?

Published by unipower August 06,2021

Although more and more people are buying cars nowadays, many people still like to ride motorcycles because

motorcycles are more convenient than cars when riding, and some motorcycles look very cool. In addition, many

people will add spotlights to motorcycles, and these riders add spotlights to motorcycles for many reasons, the

most important of which is to make up for the weakness of motorcycle lights.

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From the riding environment, the riding of a motorcycle is very different from that of a car. The lights of

a car are generally divided into fluorescent lamps, night lights, and fog lights. But motorcycles do not

have this kind of light setting, so at night, the rider needs a lot of attention to distinguish the situation on

the road, and this also poses a very big safety hazard to the rider during the ride. Yes, since the light

of halogen lights is relatively weak, why do manufacturers use such lights?


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A large part of the reason is the cost. If it is a high-brightness headlight, the manufacturing cost for a motorcycle

will greatly increase, because if you want to modify a high-brightness headlight on a motorcycle, then you must

consider a motorcycle. The expansion of the battery and the wiring on the body, and the position of the headlights

also need to be redesigned, because this takes into account the heat dissipation of the headlights. Unlike halogen

lights, the installation of headlights on motorcycles also needs to consider a series of operations such as lens,

stabilized gas, etc., so the required cost will increase a lot.


Although the cost is saved, for the majority of riders, if the lights are not bright enough, when driving at night, if

they can't see some problems on the road, they are also very prone to traffic accidents. Therefore, many riders

are very willing to install spotlights on their motorcycles in the later stage. After all, if the lights before the

motorcycles are not bright enough, it is very unsafe to ride at night.


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So have you installed spotlights on your motorcycle? Why did you install spotlights on your motorcycle?

In short, regardless of whether you are riding a motorcycle or driving a car, you must pay attention to safety

when you are on the road. After all, life is the most precious.