Tailgate Takeover ---- Get to Know the Blade LED Tailgate Light Bar

Published by unipower August 06,2021

If you’re looking to revamp your truck with a tailgate LED bar that has all the functions you need and

doesn’t look cheesy, Blade LED Tailgate Light Bar from Unipower should be at the top of your wish list.


led tailgate light bar: 5 functions


1> Clean, Classy Look With Full Amber, Red, And White Colors

Adding a LED tailgate light bar to your full-size truck is a great way to set it apart from the rest

of the herd, but the Blade Series LED Tailgate Light Bar is a step above the rest with one of

the cleanest looks you'll find.


led tailgate light bar display


2> Operates With Running Lights, Brake Lights, Reverse And Turn Signals

On top of its great look, the bar itself is made up of over 2000 LEDs with red running and brake lights,

amber turn signals, and white reverse light functions so that everyone behind your rig can see your

signaling that much easier to see.


led tailgate light bar lighting


3> IP69K - Fully Sealed For Water And Weather Proofing

Fully encased in a tinted polycarbonate housing, this light bar is IP69K-rated. This means it's fully

water- and dust-proof, so you won't have to worry about long-term exposure to outdoor elements

like the sun, wind, dirt and rain!


led tailgate light bar detail


4> Installation Is Super Easy 

When you order this light bar, you'll get a 4-prong wiring harness to easily hook up to your receiver hitch.

And the included attachment clips will allow you easy access to your spare tire when you need it!


To sum it up here is what to take into consideration before choosing your LED Tailgate solution. 

Make sure you buy the right size. The standard sizes are 48” or 60” and the simple rule is if you

have the space length-wise across your tailgate then purchase that size. 


led tailgate light bar: oem