New Options for Upgrading Your JEEP Wrangler's Interior Lighting

Published by unipower August 06,2021

Come and enjoy your great driving experience.

Run some along the inside of Turbo Air Outlet Vent for a cool glowing effect while driving at night.

Swap between more standard white light to glowing blue, green, red or other interior colors and you

set the mood in your Jeep Wrangler.


jeep wrangler interior lights01jeep wrangler interior lights02


Ambient lighting delivers an emotional atmosphere and, according to many carmakers, ties together

exterior and interior lighting conditions for the driver for decreased levels of driving fatigue.

When you customize the interior lighting in your Jeep Wrangler, the new options we offer must be

considered, that is, the Turbo Air Outlet Vent kit with ambient lights.


jeep wrangler interior lights03jeep wrangler interior lights04



- Add cool atmosphere to the interior of your wrangler
- With 33 colors ambient light, light color is synchronized with original ambient light
- Lights Up Air Outlet Vent Areas, Foot Well Areas and Door Handle Areas
- Car Steering Wheel Control, Convenient and Simple Control
- Atmosphere light color switching and Atmosphere light brightness adjustment
- Strobe light mode and Breathing light mode
- High quality metal material with special plug, easy to replace
- One complete set for 4 air vent, replace the original one
- Fitment: 2011-2018 JK JEEP Wrangler(2/4doors)


jeep wrangler interior lights05


Come on, get cracking! Redesign and brighten your Jeep Wrangler’s interior with our special 

Jeep Wrangler interior lighting products.