Fog Lamp For Car: This operation of car fog lights can improve driving safety

Published by unipower May 27,2021

In addition to low beam headlights, the most commonly used headlights on cars are fog lights.


In foggy weather, because the visibility is very low, we must turn on the fog lights. The following

content helps everyone to understand fog lamp for car more comprehensively, to be able to use fog lights

correctly and reasonably, and to drive more safely.


fog lamp for car 01


Fog lights are usually installed on cars. In some extreme weather, their penetrating power is very strong.


Automobile fog lights are divided into front fog lights and rear fog lights. Many drivers think that front fog

lights and rear fog lights are the same, and there is not much difference. In fact, there is a big difference

between the front and rear fog lights. First of all, the colors of the front and rear fog lights are different.

The color of the front fog lights is yellow, and the color of the rear fog lights is red.


fog lamp for car 02


Why are the colors of the front and rear fog lights different?


This is because the front fog lights of the car play an auxiliary lighting effect and can help you see the road

ahead. The color of the rear fog lamp is designed to be red because red has the strongest penetrating power.

It can act as a warning in foggy weather, so that vehicles behind you will notice you and ensure driving safety.


          fog lamp for car 03


In foggy weather, because fog lights have a very strong penetrating power, we can turn on the fog lights to

allow other vehicles to see our car. The visibility of car headlights is generally about 50 meters, and the visibility

of fog lights is twice that of car headlights. If the fog is more serious, we can also use it with the double flash,

so that other vehicles can find us more clearly. Secondly, we can also use fog lights in heavy rain with low

visibility, which can help us see the road ahead more clearly.


                  fog lamp for car 04


Fog lights have many functions. The following are important things when we use fog lights.


1. Do not turn on the high beam when the fog lights are on. In order to be able to see the road more clearly,

some drivers will turn on the high beams under the premise of turning on the fog lights, although the penetrating

power of the high beams is very high. Strong, but in foggy weather, the reflection will cause nothing to be seen.

2. In the absence of heavy fog, we must not use fog lights, because the intensity of the lights will dazzle the

drivers on the opposite side and can't see the road, which is very dangerous.


fog lamp for car 05


The function of the fog lamp for car is very big, we must take good care of it at ordinary times, and turn on

the fog lamp under suitable conditions. Do not turn on the fog lamp at will to avoid traffic accidents.