What are the classification of auto light?

Published by unipower June 28,2021

Auto light are very important for driving safety, so do you know what lights are in the car?


1. Headlamp

The headlights are the lights in front of the car. The headlights can illuminate the road in

front of the car body. For drivers who often drive in the dark, the headlights are very

important. The headlights are not only one type of light. The headlights are divided into

low beam lights, high beam lights, front turn signals, front position lights, and front fog lights.

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                   auto light: headlamp

2. Combined tail lights

The headlights can play the role of front lighting, so what is the role of the rear lights

behind the car? The role of the taillights is also the role of lighting and signal, to provide

corresponding information to the owners of the rear, to avoid rear-end rear-end collision.

Tail lights are generally divided into rear tail lights, reversing lights, brake lights, rear

fog lights, rear turn signals, etc.

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    auto light: combined tail lights

3. Turn signal

What if we want to turn left or right? Then the turn signal will work. The general turn signal color is

amber. The turn signals are divided into front turn signals, side turn signals, and rear turn signals.

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     auto light: turn signal


4. License plate light

In addition to headlights and taillights, there is also a kind of light that is often overlooked by everyone.

That is the license plate light. The main function is to illuminate the license plate so that others can

recognize the license plate at night.

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         auto light: license plate light