How should we maintain auto headlight ?

Published by unipower March 29,2021

Auto headlight are an important part of the car and an important lighting fixture for driving at night, but in

daily use, the headlights also need to be adjusted regularly. In order to maintain the brightness and life of the

headlights, how to maintain the auto headlight? Let's understand.


 > Always check the tightness of the headlights


If water vapor enters the car's headlights, it will reduce the service life of the headlights. If you want to use

the auto headlight for a longer period of time, you should always check the tightness of the headlights. If the

sealing ring between the light distribution mirror and the reflector is damaged, it should be replaced in time. In

addition, after the engine compartment is cleaned, you must wait for the water to dry before starting the car,

otherwise the remaining water in the engine compartment of the car will become water vapor, and

enter the headlights from the engine compartment.


 > Clean the lampshade from time to time


When the car is driven for a long time, it is inevitable that dirty things will splash on the headlight

lampshade of the car, which will affect the lighting effect of the car and the aesthetics of the car.

So clean the lampshade in time.


 > Adjust the beam irradiation direction


During the driving of the car, the vibration of the body will shift the beam irradiation direction.

During regular maintenance, we can check and adjust the irradiation direction.


 > Change the bulb regularly


Automobile bulbs are consumables and have a lifespan. In general, replace the bulb every 50,000 kilometers

or about 2 years, otherwise the brightness of the headlights will decrease and the irradiation distance will

become shorter, which will easily affect the driving safety.