LED Headlight Bulbs

H19 headlight bulb is built in EMC and Canbus inside the driver

This New C7X h19 headlight bulb is 30W 6000lm. Well-knowed by its built-in canbus EMC funcation for cars, no flicker or flashing problem. Its Magnalium heat dissipation belt enbles it work longer hours without burnt.

Product Specification:
  • Our service : OEM
  • Light Source : Philip Luxenon ZES
  • Watt : 30W/Set
  • Lumen : 6000LM/Set
  • Voltage : 12V-24V DC
  • Built-in smart CANBUS decoder :
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Product Details

h19 headlight bulb


  New canbus headlight !!!          ----H19 Headlight Bulb

C7X 30W 6000LM with orginal philip zes chips, 6500K, aluminum cooper belt, strong built-in canbus decoder.


h19 headlight bulb vs h4


h19 headlight bulb detail 01


  Chip size: 2.0x1.6mm(center is 1.6x1 6mm), 55mil, same  
  as halogen emitting point. Uniform color temperature.
  Brightness(Lumen) & iluminance(LUX).

h19 headlight bulb detail 02

    Magnalium Heat Dissipation Belt

   8 times better than Brass Belt
   No fan design, Magnalium heat dissipation belt (heat
   radiation coefficient reach up to 230W/m2.K, heat
   dissipation 8 times better than brass belt)

h19 headlight bulb detail 03

      Built-in Smart CANBUS Decoder

    Built-in Smart CANBUS decoder, suitable for most of cars   
     But can not promise 100% for all of the car in the world.
     May need add extra CANBUS decoder for some special


 Product Features

- Ultra-light effect, ultra-low thermal resistance, exceeded Energy Star standards;

- 360 defree heat groove. Double -sided copper PCB board +high thermal conductivity aluminum + Copper

mesh cooking, perfect thermal design;

- Smaller size. Easy installation. Copper belt can optionally bent in different directions;

- Quick start. Reach 100% brightness when start up. with incomparable start reponse rate than HID. 

- Complied with IP65 waterproof and dustproof standards( Don't put lamp beads emitting surface into

the water, because LED is directly exposted.)

- In line with EMI anti-interference requirements. canbus can pass the car computer system;

- IP68


h19 headlight bulb feature


  Product parameter
  Light source : Philip Luxenon ZES  
  Voltage : 12V-24V DC
  Watt : 30W/Set
  Lumen : 6000LM/Set
  Life span : 50000+ hours
  Material : copper & Magnesium alloy  
  Built-in smart CANBUS decoder(For some special car may need add extra CANBUS decoder).  
  It is specially designed for European cars which need resistor.


 Product Details

h19 headlight bulb detail 04h19 headlight bulb detail 05


 Product Installation

h19 headlight bulb installation


  C7X low beam and high beam:  

h19 headlight bulb light effect


  The Lighting effect picture on road:  

h19 headlight bulb low beam

  (Application on car: low beam of Unipower led headlight bulb)

h19 headlight bulb high beam

  (Application on car: High beam of Unipower led headlight bulb)


 Adapt For All Environment

h19 led bulb

 Our Advantages

1>. We provide 2 years Warranty to C7X led headlight

Under normal working situation, free new ones will be provided as replacement when we get

customer’s photo or video of the defective item during the warranty period 2 years. 

h19 headlight bulb advantage 01

2>. OEM service

 ※  >10 kits, your own brand laser on the driver for free;

 ※ >300 kits, custom box will be designed and offer for free; 

h19 headlight bulb advantage 02

3>. After-sales service

Well-established after-sales system in Unipower. Any feedback from customers is highly regarded

and get a reply within 24hours. 

h19 headlight bulb advantage 03


  Q: Do you supply sample?

  A: Yes, sample is available to test the products brightness and pattern beam.

  Q: Do you accept OEM order?

  A: Yes, we start to work with customer for OEM project since 2017.

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