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T10 T20 S25 3156 3157 9005 9006 digital led factory led demo case

T10 T20 S25 3156 3157 9005 9006 digital LED factory light bulb tester, 2 years quality assurance, 1 pcs MOQ

Product Specification:
  • Our service : OEM
  • Built-in power  : 12V / 24V
  • Working voltage : AC85-AC265V
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • MOQ : 1 PCS
  • Certification : CE Rohs E-MARK
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Product Details

portable led demo case

  Use   The up-cover of the case is for testing voltage, watt,7 kinds of Baseline pigments M5 led chip  
  Working voltage     AC85-AC265V
  Bulb socket

  H1/H3*2, H4*2, H7*2, H8*2, T5*2, T10*2, T20(7443)*2, BA15S(1156)*2,

  BA15D*2, BAY15D(1157)*2, BA9S*2, 9005*2, 3157*2, feston ect

  Built-in power   12V / 24V
  Watt   120W
  Certification   CE Rohs E-MARK
  Warranty   2 years
  MOQ   1 PCS

  Three sizes  

led demo case three sizes



Test suitcase with 4mm MDF stickers black fire board, using special aluminum alloy aluminum, wall

stickers 2mm black shock EVA, metal corners, beautiful style, lightweight, easy to carry.

Mobile exhibition boxes, scientific design, easy to operate, flexible layout, designed for domestic and

foreign enterprises exhibitions LED car lights, with sample business negotiations and other business activities

designed to promote products tools! Is good assistant for expand your business!


led demo case advantage

Portable, easy to carry, suitable for going out for maintenance or introducing products


Use manual:

1. the working voltage AC85V-AC265V, can work at 50Hz and 60Hz two states, various voltage

intelligent recognition , without debugging.

2. equipped with DC12V and DC24V power supply , and is equipped with a voltage meter to show the different

voltage lighting power values corresponding to different , user-friendly test various voltage lamps .

3. part of the lamp holder with dark , bright two effects conversion.
4. available data ( with external clamp ) through a variety of external devices to test a variety of electrical equipment.

5. with a total exhibition switch box , when customers first open the switch, the switch hit the " - " to open, "0" is off,

there is a dark , except for the points of light holder.

6. according to the requirements of customers printing company LOGO.

led demo case display


 Testing Suitcase Incl Bulbs Basement

Part display board : 1PCS voltmeter, 1PCS, power meter, seven kinds of benchmarks pigment M5 lamp

beads, the lower part of display boards contain Base type H1/H3, H4, H7, H8, T5 , T10, T20 (7443),

BA15S (1156), BA15D (1157), BA9S, 9005, 3157 and other conventional dual tip holder, for a variety

of LED car lights testing and demonstration.


led demo case


 UNIPOWR Customer Testimonials 

led demo case: customer testimonials 01led demo case: customer testimonials 02

Your response is appreciated, and gives me confidence that we can work with Unipower on this special

project. Please allow me some time to work out some details on our side, and I will surely re-connect

with you about it once again soon.                                                                      ----American customer

I have been buying led from china since 2018, but now I only order from you. Many suppliers visit us,

send samples to us for quality check. But we are only loyal to you currently. 

You service and products have so far been excellent and that is why we only want to buy from you

                                                                                                                            ---Australian customer

Yes I will buy from you, your led is good quality. I seldom had warranty with you during our previous

purchases and the way you honor guarantee is easy for me( make video or picture, then you send new

one to me). More I liked the super led I bought from you a year ago. 


 About Unipower


UNNIPOWER has 10+ years of manufacturing experience, Committed to automotive lighting industry,

Unipower’s main products including Led headlights, HID ballasts, interior lights, steering brake lights,

angel eye, daytime running lights, work lights, puddle lights, yacht lights and other superior car accessories.

Our aim is to provide customer with a safer driving environment and amazing driving experience.

led demo case advantage 01led demo case advantage 02


      Extra Product supportin: decoder, adapter, dust cover etc, providing one-stop customized solutions;

      Quality certification: Our products are CE and E-MARK certified, in line with

international standards;

      Quality service: 2 year warranty; 


led demo case service01led demo case service02

 Our services


we also provide customized product services, outsourced product services, undertake various

auto parts projects, carry out independent brand establishing, and are committed to providing

customers with one-stop customized solutions.


led demo case oem 01

Since 2017, the conventional headlights and small bulb sales trend is becoming more and more

serious, so we focus more on OEM+ Unique design. The following are our Unipower 2020 latest models.

Some are LED lights specially developed for a certain car model (American car series: Ford/Jeep , 

Janpanese car series: Toyota/Honda/Nissan etc), some are unique COB technologies, and some are

original innovations that we provide ONLY.  , this business line account for 30% of our company's sales.


led demo case oem 02


 UNIPOWR Factory Picture

led demo case factory 01led demo case factory 02led demo case factory 03

Unipower’s product are currently sold to more than 80 countries and regions, including the United

States, Canada, Europe (Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, etc.), South America (Ecuador,

Peru, Colombia), Southeast Asian countries (Thailand , the Philippines, etc.),  working with more

than 3,000 partners abroad.

 Unipower Global Show

led demo case global show 01led demo case global show 02

 Products FAQ 


  Q: How about your Service?

  A: OEM packaging and ODM service on request.

  Q: What about Guarantee?

  A: Customer’s interestes can be full guaranteed

Every defective product or quality problem within warranty (except for human-made intentionally

damage) can be replaced with brand new one.

  Q: Can I do my private logo or my own box ? 

  A: Sure, When your order MOQ reach 10sets, it can be laser your private logo. 

  Q: How long is warranty?

  A: We provide 2 years Warranty for our all led car bulbs.


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