Led Demo Case Portable: professional and convenient tester

Published by unipower May 22,2024

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When we get a new car led light, directly we could see by eyes its appearance design as first impression,

but its basic power current and if new led can light up in normal also need to check, then a professional

tool can offer convenience. 


1. For yourself, to test the light you purchase before installation to car.

2. For your customers, to display and show the led to your customers and customers could test the led

they interest in the store.


This led demo case is with 12V 24V option for testing, more function below.


1. Various socket: High compatible to different led auto light plug and play testing. Wide use H11 9005

H4 H7 ... and 1156, 1157, T10 T20 T25... socket can customize in according to your own situation.


led demo case portable advantage01led demo case portable advantage03


2. Strobe lighting function: You could adjust the flashing speed by yourself to simulate

the turn signal effect of the car.


led demo case portable advantage02


3. Portable, drop-resistant, load-bearing and easy to place in your warehouse, store desk or in your car

when outside for a business. And brand logo engraved service is available.


led demo case portable advantage04


If you would like to know more or others, pls comment to us.

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