LED Headlight Bulbs

20W 5000lm bmw e46 canbus headlight suitable your E46 assembly

bmw e46 canbus headlight perfectly integrate special adapter and connector, to give the best installation satisfication.

Product Specification:
  • Input Power : 20W
  • Operating Voltage : DC9-16V
  • Luminous Flux : cold state 2200lm, hot state 1800lm
  • Color Temperature : 6000-6500K
  • Operating Life : >10000 hours
  • Operating Temperature : -45℃~+85℃
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Product Details


 Product Description


Using automotive-grade HKL3 module light source,Adopting the technology of TFFC, no gold wire,

improved chip performance in high current, high temperature;

HKL3 module light source light-emitting area is 6.3mm x 2mm, provides unprecedented consistency

of colour temperature, brightness and luminous flux density. Smaller beam angles, Higher  luminous

efficiency. Ideal choice for automobile lighting source;

The bulb has internal driver, with built-in canbus, can pass the car computer inspection and solve blinking issue;

Using BMW specific car adapter to solve installation issue.;

Standard light shadow design, can change the adapter’s angle to meet different assembly install

demand, get the best pattern beam;

Install car model : BMW 318i/E65/E90.


  Item   bmw e46 canbus headlight h7      Power   20W
  Lumens   cold state 2200lm, hot state 1800lm    Chips   HKL3
  Voltage   DC 9V-16V   Current   1.5A/13.5V
  Color Temp   6000-6500K   Application Temp    -45℃~+85℃
  Real lifespan    >10,000 hours   Usage   BMW 318i/E65/E90  

 Original halogen bulb situation:


  Bmw E46 Canbus Headlight01  

 As you can see E46 headlight assembly, there

 are 2 halogen bulbs in one assembly one is for  

 Hi beam, another one is for low beam. 


After our deeply study, we learn that there are some different of this 2 bubls, here you can check:     


  Bmw E46 Canbus Headlight02   

           #1.  the pin connection of this 2 bulbs

           are different. (Low beam with 1 pin,  Hi beam            

           with 2 pins to connect the correct position) 


#2. This 2 bulbs lighting angle are different. Hi beam is 90° left and right lighting, Low beam is 45° ligthing. 


    Bmw E46 Canbus Headlight03          Bmw E46 Canbus Headlight04    


In order to make LEDs headlight most suitable for E46 Assembly,we make E46 headlight bulb to

demand both Hi beam and lo beam, could install to E46 Assembly prefectly.  Following is the advantages:


       Bmw E46 Canbus Headlight05


     Bmw E46 Canbus Headlight06             Bmw E46 Canbus Headlight06      

       1. About the lighting angle of this 2 leds headlights,

        we all make them in 90° left and right lighting 

   2. This E46 headlights is no polarity;  

   3. Bulit- In Canbus;

   4. Much brighter than original holagen bulbs  


 About new led lights installation details:


For our development , we add rubber rings inside the headlight to reach 360 degree rotation,

1 set headlight bulb can solve Hi beam and lo beam issue.

Install the bulb to the headlight assembly, find the corretct position to fix the adapter, rotate the

bulbs bottom body to get the angle you like. 


   Bmw E46 Canbus Headlight08        Bmw E46 Canbus Headlight09   




BMW 3 series 98y-04y changed H7 (Suitable your E46 assembly ) And

BMW318i/E65/E90/BMW 3 series 98y-04y/BMW 320-2006year


 Install Manual


bmw E46 H7 Led Conversion kit01

  Correct installation need to check the led upgrade 
  lighting chip position facing left and right, this direction      
  can achieve the best lighting beam.

bmw E46 H7 Led Conversion kit02

  There is a location point in the light assembly (Red 
   arrow), led upgrade lighting have the same matching 
   location point. Only when this 2 location match correctly, 
   can led upgrade lighting install in the light assembly 
   with better fixed. 

bmw E46 H7 Led Conversion kit03

  There are 2 black fixed ring on the led bulbs(Red arrow), 
  Matching with the light assembly 2 adapter fixed rings 
  install correct position(Red arrow), and rotate around 
  30°clockwise, the bulbs could be installed and fixed well.

bmw E46 H7 Led Conversion kit04

  This led bulbs can adjust led chip lighting angle, 
  coordinate with different light house to achieve the best 
  lighting pattern beam. When adjusting angle, need to 
  loosen the screw (Red arrow), remove to the best spot 
  lighting position the light house need (Left & Right 
  lighting is the best) Finally, tighten the screw. 


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