Can original car halogen headlights be directly changed to led car headlight ?

Published by unipower August 14,2020

Many car owners have such a problem that the halogen lights of the original cars are too dim

and they want to change to LED lights. But I don't know if such a direct change will have security risks?

Let's understand the situation of changing some halogen lamps to led car headlights.


led car headlights01


| Pay attention to the model of the original car

When buying LED headlights, it is important to note that the interface model must match. For example, the light bulbs

of the old LaVida's far and near beam lights are all H7, and it is enough to buy the H7 type LED headlights.


| Pay attention to heat dissipation

The main problem of LED headlights is heat dissipation. The reason why many LED headlights are not long-lived is

because of poor heat dissipation performance. If you choose an LED car light with good heat dissipation, the life of

LED lights will be longer and many unnecessary lights will be reduced. trouble.


led car headlights02


| Pay attention to the angle of light

The original halogen headlights have a lens. When changing to LED headlights, pay attention to the angle and range

of the light to prevent the light from being scattered and dazzling. If the original lens is not suitable, there are two solutions.

>1. Directly replaced by a complete projector assembly with LED headlight;

>2. Optional LED headlights specially designed for the lens car shell, the low beam has a cutting line, which can realize the left

low and right high light, reducing the impact on the car coming from the opposite side.


led car headlights03


| Add decoder as needed

In general, the power of halogen headlights and LED headlights are different, but compared to high-current xenon

headlights, the current of LED headlights is close to that of halogen headlights, so ordinary models can directly change

LED headlights, but Many models such as the old Sagitar and JEEP need to be equipped with a decoder, because these

models will detect the power of the headlights and report a failure if the power is inconsistent.


led car headlights04


Therefore, it is feasible to change the halogen to LED, but it is necessary to choose the appropriate

led car headlights product.