How to solve lamp adapter not fit to car?

Published by unipower August 14,2020

For most of cars, especially European cars, normally wide selling led headlight is H7 but sometimes

the lamp can plug in but can not fit, let’s consider following:


1. Many European cars need H7 but sometimes the adapter don’t fit well, usually change change to

different lamp adapter is the easy and fast way for solution. To change adapter, just take out the original H7

adapter and replaced by others suitable adapter, like following H7 adapter is replaced by silver adapter

for BMW car, also VW, Mercedezs, Fiat etc


                                  lamp adapter


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2. Some cars have specific design led headlight to more better for solution, for example, here led headlight

design to BMW E46. Its design is carefully analyse original BMW E46 halogen bulb, if just change adapter,

it may have problem for different connection function. BWM E46 lamps perfectly integrate special

adapter and connector, to give the best installation satisfication.


special led adapter


More detail about this product, you could click here. Bmw e46 led headlights

Sometimes customers may mistake the wrong number, for example, H11 not equal to H11B. H13

not equal to H13A. 

Different way choose you can message us your situation to discuss together.