Why choose car led lamp in winter lighting?

Published by unipower May 25,2020

Lighting in winter 

Winter weather conditions make driving more challenging. Coupled with the long nights winter days, the

use of time and frequency of car lights increase greatly, night lights and indicator lights, must on in case

of rain, snow. In foggy days, turn on the fog lights. If there is no car in front, you can turn on the high

beam appropriately. We are agree that Maintaining visibility is far more important to keep you and

your passengers safe on the road. 


car led lamp: lighting in winter


Here we list some tips for your read on to learn what you can do to keep your lights shining

bright all winter long.


Upgrade your headlight system

Most vehicles on the road today still come with halogen headlights. However, compared to other options,

halogen bulbs is too dim. To get a better view of the road in winter night, you need to think about upgrading

your headlights from the original bulbs that came on your vehicle with HID or Car led lamp.  


HID bulbs are approximately three times brighter than standard halogen bulbs. That can make a big

difference when you are driving in a snowstorm. Compare with halogen bulbs, HID bulbs use less power

and also have a longer lifespan up to 2,000 hours. Although they cost more than halogen bulbs, they could

be a worthy upgrade for your vehicle.


car led lamp: HID bulbcar led lamp: HID light


Many car manufacturers are gradually offering an option between HID light and LED headlights on some

models. LED headlights are brighter, with a much longer lifespan that can be over 25,000 hours and

consume even less power than HID headlights. In the first stage, Led are much more expensive than

HID lights, with technique becoming more mature, price decrease, you could see more vehicles now

come with standard LED headlights. And more and more aftermarket LED conversion kits are available 

in the market now, which is far brighter than no matter halogen or HID.


  Light   Halogen        HID                 LED                 
  Lifespan   1,000 hrs   2,000 hrs   25,000 hrs
  Lumen           1200lm   3000lm   8000lm


car led lamp light

car led lamp product feature

car led lamp low beam and high beam


P.S. Golden yellow light with better penetration in foggy weather.

car led lamp: golden yellow light


Upgrade your TAILLIGHT system

On one hand, you need to see clear of the road in front of you, on another hand, you need to make sure

other drivers can see you from behind by replacing your standard taillight with brighter car led lamp. In

foggy and rainy weather situations, the brighter LED bulbs can help approaching drivers see you clearer.


LED taillights include brake, turn, reverse, they are also energy-efficient and less power consumption with 

lifespan of up to 25,000 hours. The most important thing is that car led lamp light up instantly, much faster

than traditional bulbs, they can give that driver behind you a quick notice to avoid an accident if you have

to suddenly hit the brakes.


car led lamp00

car led lamp: LED taillights

car led lamp02


- Keep your lamp house clean regularly

Under regular basis, clean the headlight and taillight cover with a damp rag. If in snow weather, make sure

to clear off any snow or ice throw on the headlights or taillights to ensure enough brightness of the bulbs.


If you found the cover become cloudy or yellowish after used for some years, the covers may become you 

could restore it with the help of some common household products like soap, or toothpaste.

When you Drive after snow with the sun appears, don’t forget to wear sunglasses, because the snow

will reflect strongly under the sun, sunglasses can prevent glare.