Why to choose LED car light & its advantage?

Published by unipower August 14,2020

The lights have a great impact on our safe driving. With the development of technology,

more and more people have chosen car led bulbs. So what are the advantages of LED headlights?


1. Energy saving and long service life

The energy consumption of the LED lamp is only 1/20 of the halogen lamp, but the average service life

can reach more than 30,000 hours, so you do n’t have to consider replacing the lamp bulb for a long time.


car led bulbs life span


2. High quality, adapt to various environments

The car led bulbs are stable in quality, have a certain impact resistance and shock resistance, do not

worry about the bulb will be easily broken, and can adapt to various harsh environments well.


car led bulbs high quality


3. Customization

The components of car led bulbs are small, which can be well designed and arranged. Can make

corresponding changes according to customer needs, to create a more perfect automotive lighting system.


4. Quick Lighting up

The LED lights are very fast. They can be used to quickly light up the tail lights and turn signals to achieve

a better warning effect. When used in the headlights, its effect will be more safe than xenon lights and

halogen lights. There is a better guarantee for driving safety.


car led bulbs quick lighting up


5. Low brightness attenuation loss

The brightness of LED lights is very high, and the attenuation of light brightness is much lower than that of halogen lights.

It is suitable for car headlights, brake lights and turn signals.


car led bulbs


6. Low voltage current can light up

Car led bulbs only need low-voltage direct current to light up, and the load is small, the anti-interference

is strong, the requirements for the use environment are low, and the adaptability is good. Unlike xenon

lamps, boosters are not required.


80% of accidents are caused by unclear vision, and car lights play an important role in it. Say goodbye

to the yellow light, illuminate the short halogen lamp, and replace the high-brightness and well-focused

car led bulbs in time to better ensure the safety of driving.