What are the reasons for the car brake light not turning on?

Published by unipower August 14,2020

In life, we sometimes encounter the situation that the car brake light are not bright. The

following are some solutions to the brake lights that are not bright.


1. Check the brake bulb

The most frequently used car is the brake light. The service life of the light bulb is relatively short. When the

brake light of the car is not lit, the first thing that comes to mind is the brake light bulb. Replace the light bulb.

2. Check the brake light switch

If the brake light switch is faulty, all the brake lights will not be on. You can use a wire to connect the brake

light switch during maintenance. If the brake light is on, it means that the switch is broken. Replace the

switch to solve the problem.

3. Check the fuse

After the light bulb and the switch are determined to be fault-free, the fuse should be checked. Some cars

do not have a separate brake light fuse and share a fuse with other electrical equipment. At this time,

you can check the operation of other electrical equipment on the car and check for non-operation For

electrical equipment, replace the corresponding fuse.

4. Check the brake light ground wire

The tail lights on the car share a ground wire. If the ground wire is broken or connected in a virtual

manner, it will also cause the brake light to be off, so you must not forget to check the ground wire.

5. The brake light harness is broken

Brake light is not a relatively simple problem, but sometimes we have replaced or checked the light bulb,

switch, insurance, plug, the fault is still the same, then check the brake light harness step by step, you

can first measure whether the switch to the plug harness Turn on, then measure whether the plug to the

bulb harness is normal, so that the inspection range is gradually narrowed, and the fault point can be

finally found.

There is a small trick. In fact, you can check whether the high brake light is on or off to determine

whether the brake light is on. If there is no power, just check the switch or insurance.


car brake light 02

Introduction of other failures of brake lights


1. The brake light is always on

Most of the time the brake light is always on because the brake light switch is malfunctioning, or because the

circuit is shorted, so generally check the brake light switch and the brake circuit.

2. The brake lights are sometimes off and sometimes on

When the brake is pressed, the brake light sometimes does not light up and sometimes lights up. The cause of

this failure is mostly due to poor contact of the wire, which makes the brake light unable to indicate normally.

There is also a reason for the brake light bulb. The filament of the brake light bulb has been ablated and

cannot work properly Glow.

3. The brake lights are on and off

Brake lights turn on and off one by one. This failure is often encountered. Note that it is the cause of the

brake light bulb. It can be solved by replacing the brake light bulb.


Note: Two car brake lights must be replaced at the same time, in order to prevent the filament ablation from

varying degrees, resulting in one bright and one non-bright phenomenon. However, you can keep a good light

bulb in the car in case of unexpected needs.