What kind of products need to be considered for better future auto light sales?

Published by unipower August 14,2020

There are more and more led lights on the market. A new product will appear, and

soon there will be a lot of acquaintances. In the face of these acquaintance lights, what should we do?


Some time ago, a Russian customer approached us and shared with us some information about

the auto light. He wanted to broaden his brand sales line, but there were more and more similar lamps

on the market, and various prices made him a bit distressed. For example, the following

C12 plug and play structure.


auto light: C12 plug and play structure


Our company also has several similar models for sale:


auto light


For a hot product, we can easily find a large number of different prices on ebay and amazon. The

pictures on the website all look the same. The material and quality still need to be real tested.


In addition to comparing the performance, quality and price of products, we also need to consider the

future of product sales for customers, especially OEM products, because OEM products generally

require more investment, unlike conventional fast-selling products, low cost is easy Imitation and many

options can be found on the Internet. The OEM market is highly targeted and will protect customer

sales for a longer period. The following are some of our OEM product references.


auto light: oem product display


If you have OEM requirements, you can tell us your requirements and we will discuss

and solve them together.